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Nourish & Heal: First Week Postpartum Meal Bundle

Nourish & Heal: First Week Postpartum Meal Bundle

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Embark on your recovery and healing journey with the "Nourish & Heal: First Week Postpartum Meal Bundle." This meticulously curated selection of meals is designed to offer essential nourishment and support as you navigate the initial days of motherhood. Recognizing the critical nature of post-birth recovery, we've assembled a meal plan that combines nutritional richness with the simplicity needed during this profound period of adjustment.

What's Included:

Soup Options for Healing and Comfort:

  • Classic Veggie
  • Chicken Noodle
  • Quinoa Lentil Greens
  • Squash & Red Lentils
  • Sausage Stew
  • C-Recovery Veggie
  • *Seaweed
  • *Fish Papaya & Peanut

Nourishing Breakfast Congee and Porridge Options:

  • Oats & Chia
  • Sweet Potato Banana Walnut
  • Sweet Black Sesame
  • Farina Cranberry
  • Barley Blueberry Date

Assorted Granola Bag:

  • A selection of granola for quick, nutritious snacking, ensuring energy levels are maintained.

Bone Broths for Deep Nourishment:

  • Lactation enhancement broth, alongside chicken or beef options, to support breastfeeding and overall recovery.

Soothing Tea and Steams:

  • Herbal concoctions designed to promote healing, relaxation, and a sense of calm in the postpartum period.

Lactation Cookies:

  • Specially formulated cookies to aid lactation and enhance milk production, combining health with a touch of sweetness.

After giving birth, your body undergoes significant changes, requiring support for recovery and healing. Our meal bundle is thoughtfully designed to cater to this need, offering a variety of nourishing and delicious options that focus on your body's recovery and the nurturing process during this special time. Enjoy the convenience and benefits of meals that not only feed your body but also soothe your soul, as you embark on this beautiful journey of motherhood.

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